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Automatic Tax Bill Payment Form

Take advantage of automatic tax bill payment.  Residents and businesses may now pay their tax bills automatically by completing the form below.
( The Automatic Tax Bill Payment Form is also available in PDF format by clicking here.)

Enroll in the program and your summer tax bill will be paid on August 31st. For the winter tax bill you designate the date of payment as either December 31st or February 14th. By taking advantage of this program, your taxes will always be paid on time whether you are sick or out of town. Added benefits are no checks to write, no need to wonder if the check was received in time to avoid penalty and no trips to City Hall.

Participants in automatic bill payment of property taxes receive their tax bill in the mail on July 1st and December 1st with a letter confirming when the withdrawal will be made from their account.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a year-round program. Electronic Funds Payment is not available for only the summer tax or only the winter tax bill.

If you have any questions regarding automatic bill payment for your taxes, call the Treasurer’s Office at (248) 449-9901.


(*) = required field

Name of Authorizing Party: (*)
Property Address with Zip Code: (*)
Mailing Address, City, State, Zip Code (if different than property address):
Parcel ID # (from tax bill) (*)  
      (12 digit number, i.e., 123456789123, no dashes or spaces)
      (10 digit number, i.e., 1234567891, no dashes or spaces)
Daytime Phone # (with area code):
Email Address: (*)
Name of Financial Institution / Branch Name:  (*)
Select One: (*) Checking     Savings
Bank Transit Routing Number: (*)
(9 digit number, i.e., 123456789, no dashes or spaces)
Bank Account Number: (*)

Preauthorization for Variable Withdrawls

(*) - I do hereby authorize the City of Northville to make withdrawals from my account identified above and I authorize the financial institution indicated above, to charge such withdrawals to my account.  The City of Northville is authorized to make said withdrawals for the sole purpose of property tax payments to be charged to my account on the following dates:

Summer Tax - August 31st  AND
Winter Tax (check one) (*) -  December 31st  or February 14th

Adjusting entries to correct errors are also authorized.

This authorization will remain in effect until written notice of termination is given to the Treasurer's Office, City of Northville
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